The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Egyptian Book of the Dead - James Wasserman - cover imageThe Book of Going Forth by Day

Written and painted some 3500 years ago, the Papyrus of Ani was created in Egypt about 1250 B.C., and is the most complete, ornate, and best-preserved example of Ancient Egyptian philosophical and religious thought ever discovered. It represents the best preserved, longest, most ornate, and beautifully executed example of the form of mortuary text known as The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

It is presented here for the first time in its original form, with the hieroglyphic images matched to what has been acknowledged as the finest English translation of the text. The Egyptian Book of the Dead opens the door to one of humanity’s earliest and finest spiritual treasures.

The first authentic presentation of the complete Papyrus of Ani, featuring integrated text and full-color images.

Limited Hardcover Edition

These books are custom bound in T-Saifu, a silk-like, rayon, Japanese fine-binding cloth, with 3mm binding boards.


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The Book of Days Perpetual Calendar

Book of Days Perpetual Calendar - Intrinsic BooksA Birthday Book, An Anniversary Book, A Memory Book

With full-color images from The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Papyrus of Ani and Zodiac signs from the Temple of Isis at Denderah, and text by James Wasserman. The Book of Days is designed to serve as a permanent record of important events in your life and the lives of family, friends, and loved ones. Use it to chronicle birthdays, engagements, weddings, graduations, and other significant milestones. This book will become a history of your own unique experiences. As you personalize these pages, they develop into both a treasured keepsake and a legacy. Images from The Book of Going Forth by Day also known as the Book of the Dead, an Egyptian papyrus painted some 3,500 ago, are included in full color to accompany each week of the year. Thus, as you memorialize your own life’s events, you will share in the personal journey of an ancient scribe and his wife through the realms of the Egyptian Afterlife. Astrological signs from the Temple of Isis in Denderah are featured for each month.

Intrinsic Books, 978-0-9718870-8-4,
$18.00 • hardcover, ribbon-marker,
136 pages.

Limited Hardcover Edition

• A beautiful keepsake to record important
life events
• Features three-quarter cloth binding
with silk ribbon
• Informative captions for each plate explain
its meaning and context within The
Egyptian Book of the Dead